Magalie was born in Desertines, France in 1974. She is the youngest of three children. She has two brothers, Christophe and Jean-Yves.

She was raised in a beautiful home in Durdat-Larquille, France, a small village of about 1000 people located near the center of France. Growing up, Magalie would spend time with the other kids in the village, and she would sometimes take long walks through the French country-side.

Magalie's mother and father grew their own vegetables, chickens, rabbits, and geese. Magalie helped her family by getting the eggs and feeding the animals.

 In 1993, Magalie moved to the south of France to become a nanny. She lived with a family in St. Tropez for about one year. While working with this family, she visited the United States for the first time. She had no idea at that time that she would one day be living here.