Bob was born the year the first man landed on the moon, 1969. It was two years after the Summer of Love, and the heyday of the Beetles and 60s counter-culture. He grew up in beautiful Redondo Beach, California, living half the time at one house with his mother, and the other half of the time with his father. Bob has one brother, Mark, and one sister, Meagan. Mark is one and one half years younger than Bob, and Meagan is 14 years younger.

Bob's formative years were spent playing soccer, and participating in Indian Guides, and the Boy Scouts of America. He played a trumpet briefly until his lack of practicing forced him to give it up. He started programming a computer (in BASIC) when he was 13 . His first computer was an Apple II+, and he has been an Apple computer fan ever since.

 In high school, Bob learned French from Katherine Tanny, and visited France for the first time with her class his junior year. His French would prove very useful in the coming years.

In High School, he also formed enduring friendships with with Jeff Elliott, and Jon Slizza.

Bob went to college at the University of California, Irvine. There he joined the Sigma Chi Fraternity, and finished a bachelors's degree in Information and Computer Science. Sigma Chi provided an outlet for mostly harmless mayhem, and friendships with Travis Hylton, Geoff Escandon, and other brothers.

After graduating, Bob and Travis went on a trip to Alaska to work for the summer. Alaska brought Bob in contact with Lance Blanco, and led to an excitement for traveling.